Margaret Stove Honored with the Queen's Service Medal


Margaret Stove displaying a piece of fine knit lace. Photo courtesy of Tash Barneveld.  

Margaret Stove is well known in the handspinning community for her incredible laceweight yarns. She is also well known in the larger community for the breathtaking knitted lace she creates with her handspun yarns. Margaret designed, spun, and knitted a shawl for Princess Diana upon the birth of her son William in 1982. And last year, a handspun shawl knitted with Margaret's Filmy Fern pattern was presented to Prince William's own royal baby. Margaret infuses her pieces with motifs inspired by her New Zealand heritage.

Her latest honor was to be awarded the Queen's Service Medal. Not only has Margaret sought to improve perceptions of craft as art and the value that artisans place on their work, but she has championed the New Zealand Merino wool industry. A wonderful post on Margaret's blog details her many contributions to her local community and to textile communities elsewhere.

When SOAR (Spin-Off Autumn Retreat) was in Wisconsin several years ago, Margaret made the long trek from New Zealand to join us as a mentor. In her three-hour retreat sessions, she taught us to wash fine Merino by the lock using a method she has perfected over the years. In a short amount of time, she had us all spinning yarns that were so fine that we used a magnifier to check our results! From a handspinner's perspective, what makes Margaret's yarns sing is that, although incredibly fine, they retain the loft and life of a minimally processed lock. All of the beautiful bounce and handle of an exquisite fine-wool fleece is transformed into knitted lace worthy of a prince.


To learn more about Margaret's approach to spinning superfine yarns, her unforgettable washing method, and her beautiful lace patterns, check out her DVD and books.

Wrapped in Lace–includes the Filmy Fern pattern.

Spinning for Lace, DVD.

Spin-Off magazine Summer 2013 "Handspun Lace for a Prince" by Margaret Stove. 


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