How to Make a Half-Hitch on Your Spindle

Whether you’re spinning on a Turkish spindle or on a simple toy wheel spindle, there will come a time in your spindle spinning life when you need to make a half-hitch. You may have done so by making a loop and placing it upside-down on the spindle, but there is a much faster way, one that Abby Franquemont demonstrates in her book Respect the Spindle.

Half Hitch

Spiral your spun yarn around the spindle shaft up to about a finger’s width from the tip. Hold the spindle with your fingers and place your thumb under the yarn.

Half Hitch 2

Move your thumb up to form a loop and bring that loop to the side of the spindle shaft.

Half Hitch 3

Cross the yarn over the yarn coming off the spindle.

Half Hitch 4

Place the tip of your thumb on the tip of the spindle’s shaft.

Half Hitch 5

Slip the loop of yarn on your thumb off onto the shaft.

Half Hitch 6

Pull the loop tight, and your half-hitch is complete. When you need to remove the half-hitch, it will slip off easily because of the extra yarn stored by spiraling up the shaft.

Learn more about spinning from Abby in her video Respect the Spindle.

—Anne Merrow

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