Make a Magic Mushroom House for Your Favorite Gnome

  The "model home" for our gnomes.

It’s the iconic mushroom of fairy tales–that bright red cap with white polka dots perched on a sturdy white stem. Ingesting it is said to induce euphoria and relaxation as well as scarier effects, such as the sensation of flying among witches and shamans in early northern Europe and the visual distortions in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

But guess what–you can make your own magic mushroom  (hallucinations not included) with some felting needles and colored wool. The VanSant sisters show you how. They’ve assembled a complete kit and a delightful instructional video that guarantee great results.

  This felted mushroom house is the perfect abode for your favorite gnome.

These women know what they’re doing. They show you the steps, but they also give thorough explanations so you know why each step of the technique is important. How to handle the wool, how to shape and attach the parts, how to make your little gnome habitat indestructible–it’s all here. You can take the know-how from this one simple project and take off on your own.

Now, if you’ve ever had a sister, you will especially appreciate the dry sense of humor Jennifer and Melissa bring to their teaching style. They don’t actually roll their eyes, but they will make you chuckle. Recruit some friends and do this project together. It will be fun.


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Founder, Interweave

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