Looks like I will be coming home

 When I was a scholar three years ago I never really thought I would be able to make another one. I had such a great experience, from the learning to meeting tons of really neat people and food wasn't bad either. When I got home and my husband asked how it all went, I told home it was like coming home because everyone at SOAR totally got me. They totally get the whole need for more fiber and cool tools. As a normally shy person it was so easy to sit at a table at lunch or in a chair with spinning wheel and say "Hi, I'm Melanie from Idaho what classes are you taking?" Something I would never do. But the wonderful people at SOAR make it so easy.

When I left Bend I never really thought I would be able to attend again, but as luck would have it I am now getting ready to come home again this year. After a couple of tense moments waiting for the registration button to load I was able to sign up for the class I really wanted to take. Although I will only be able to take the workshop and stay through Friday, it still will be great to meet up with my spinning "family" again.

See you all at SOAR!

Melanie Smith

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