Long-Draw Frustrations? Amy Tyler Is Here to Help!

Long-draw, short-draw, inchworm—there are many ways we describe how our fingers interact with fiber and twist. It takes time to understand woolen and worsted spinning, and once we’ve learned about spinning drafts, the knowledge still might not extend to our fingertips where the action is happening! Amy Tyler comes to our aid with Spinning Woolen Yarn and Spinning Worsted Yarn!

Amy Tyler, a frequent Spin Off contributor, teaches extensively and designs killer patterns.


Amy Tyler’s stunning Stone & Fire Cowl, from the special issue Spin + Knit, will ward off any chill. Photo by George Boe

What you might not know is that Amy has a background in dance and kinesiology. Her deep understanding of movement and motor-skill development gives Amy a unique perspective when it comes to teaching spinning. A graceful long draw is quite a lot like dancing!

In her videos on spinning woolen and worsted, Amy breaks down the process, step by step, so you can follow along. Feeling in control of the process is the best way forward.

Spinning Woolen Yarn is available as a video download or paired with Spinning Worsted Yarn on DVD.

Choosing fibers that make learning easy is one of the keys to woolen- and worsted-spinning success. Amy discusses why carded fibers are a natural fit for long draw (woolen spinning) and why combed fibers pair perfectly with worsted spinning.

With Amy’s clear directions, advice, and troubleshooting, you’ll expand your understanding of spinning drafts. These techniques are similar to a knitter’s knit and purl stitch—they can take you anywhere. Learn more about spinning worsted yarns with Amy, start preparing combed tops with a user-friendly set of combs, and soon, Peter Teal’s Hand Woolcombing and Spinning (affiliate link) will be your favorite bedtime reading.


Featured Image: Maggie Casey intuitively demonstrates a long draw in the Fall 2017 issue of Spin Off with her knowledgeable hands. Photo by George Boe

Conquer woolen and worsted this winter!


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