Long Draw Drafting for Woolen Yarn by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Woolen spinning makes a lofty, insulating yarn, with long and short fibers intersecting randomly to create air pockets. Think light and airy throughout the process of making a woolen yarn. Choose an open, clean fleece, with locks three inches or shorter, and scour it well. A woolen yarn is easiest to spin from a wellcarded rolag with a core of air surrounded by fiber. Card rolags in proportion to the desired yarn size. Make small diameter rolags for fine yarn and large diameter ones for fatter yarn. Adjust the wheel by loosening the tension until the flyer parts rotate but there is little pull-in tension. Oil the wheel well and keep the tension light by trying a lighter weight drive band and/or single drive. Work slowly until you feel comfortable with the drafting process. You can always add more twist if necessary, but remember that a woolen yarn should be light.

For an even yarn, use consistently sized rolags, pinch off the same amount for each segment of drafting, and draft back the same distance. For a big yarn, draft back only a very short distance; for a thin yarn, draft the segment back further. If you find yourself twisting your body more than 30 degrees, draft shorter segments of the rolag

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