Living Austen, One Knit at a Time

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Harriet's Little Shoulder Shawl by Hannah Poon


As a staunch Jane Austen fan, I’ve had fun taking the online quiz “Which Austen Heroine are You?” Depending on my mood and what sort of things I’m doing at any given time, my answer varies. That is the brilliant thing about Jane Austen – her works contain so many great characters you can relate to on a personal level. One day, you can sympathize with Anne Elliot, another day wish you were in Lizzie Bennet’s shoes, and the following day, you may wake up feeling a lot more like Emma Woodhouse.


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  A Shawl for Emma by Susanna IC

The 2014 Jane Austen Knits collection gives you even more chances to immerse yourself in the world of Miss Austen’s books. I’d like to knit Kathleen Dames’ Kellynch Cardigan for those times I’m feeling a bit like Anne Elliot and need a walk in my garden to clear my mind. Perhaps I’m in the mood for something simple and straightforward, like Harriet’s Little Shoulder Shawl, something without too many frills or complexities, something down-to-earth like Harriet herself. If I needed something to toss on to run to the store (or perhaps elope to Gretna Green), Kitty’s Chemise would fit the bill perfectly. On days I’m feeling distinctly in the mood for something frivolous and lacy, A Shawl For Emma would be the garment of choice to toss on around my shoulders while I planned to meddle in other people’s affairs of the heart. And while I feel sure my dad, who lived in a house filled only with daughters for many years, is not taking many “Austen Heroine” quizzes, I know he would wear the Socks for Mr. Bennett’s Leisure if I knit those for him.


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Socks for Mr. Bennett's Leisure by Josie Mercier  

Filled with interesting and instructive articles on topics from fashion during the Regency Era and a look at the city of Bath, to a great list of resources to allow you to delve deeper into more things Austen, and a great selection of knitted projects, this edition of Jane Austen Knits is sure to allow you to find the perfect match to suit your inner Austen heroine.


-Anne Podlesak


Anne Podlesak’s sweater, the Abbey Mill Vest, is just one of the 27 projects in this issue!

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