LetsKnit2gether Spinning for Knitters Part 1

An episode of the Video Podcast Let's Knit2gether

In this episode, a personal journal of CAT’s spinning experiences since Rhinebeck and a few demonstrations along the way.

Our Book Review: Shannon Okey’s Spin to Knit: The Knitters guide to making yarn

What’s on the set:

  • Bosworth Spindle
  • Hat and ball of yarn spun from Gaywool Merino/Silk top
  • Royale Hare Ball Bearing support spindle which you can buy online at TheWoolery.com
  • Purple/Green Silk Blend Singles (on spindle)
  • Drafting with Miss Lime’s Springtime fiber which I bought on Etsy
  • Spinning with Raspberry Colonial Top
  • 3 Ply yarn made from Cherry Tree Hill Watercolors Potluck Roving

What am I wearing:

  • Diagonal Lace Scarf knitted with my homespun 2ply fingering yarn from Cherry Tree Hill Pastels Potluck Roving

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