Learning to Spin in the Digital Era

I am so lucky to be a spinner today. Although once spinning was passed hand to hand, there was a long period where almost the only way to learn was from a book. (Don’t get me wrong—I love books. I have a library of spinning books.) And even if you had a spinning teacher, you might only have one. Maybe two.

Sara Lamb taught herself to spin silk, but you don’t have to.

One of my favorite anecdotes in Sara Lamb’s video Spinning Silk is how she learned to spin silk. She brought the two books she found that even mentioned the subject and showed one sketchy illustration. Sara being Sara, she used that information, experimented, and developed her own successful method for spinning even the slickest silk quick. (Yes, I did that on purpose. I couldn’t help it.)

Today, in the digital video era, I have more spinning teachers than I can count, each giving me a private class in his or her area of particular expertise. And if I can’t take a class from every one, it might be because I’m spending all my time watching and rewatching a few favorites.

And I feel embarrassed saying so, but I am not strictly loyal to one craft. I dabble in rigid-heddle weaving and quilting; I have a long and serious relationshiip with knitting; I flirt with sewing and quilting.

And that’s the whole reason Craft Daily was invented. I can instantly stream over 300 videos on weaving, spinning, knitting, jewelry making, and more. All I need is an internet connection and to watch Alden Amos teach me about my wheel or Stephenie Gaustad give me tips on spinning cotton. I can even bring my tablet outside with my borrowed inkle loom and use it to stream John Mullarkey’s videos on tablet weaving.

Alden Amos on understanding your spinning wheel. Learn to spin cotton from Stephenie Gaustad in her very own kitchen.

If you’ve been considering trying out Craft Daily or if you’re just finding out about it now and your interest is piqued, Interweave has a deal for you. When you make a purchase in the Interweave Store now through June 30th, you will get a special promotion code in your confirmation email. Enter that code at CraftDaily.com when you subscribe to the site and you will receive a free 2 week trial. Use it to bulk up your spinning repertoire or learn a new craft.

Happy Spinning!

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