Le Tour de Fleece 2017 Day 15: Just Keep Treadling

Spinners, there is only one more week until Le Tour de Fleece 2017 is in the books.

How’s your tour been going? (I’m going to bet not exactly as planned…)

Just like the world-class racers pedaling their way across the French countryside, eventually, we all come to the base of a hill—or sometimes, a steeply graded mountain. There are meals to cook, children to walk and dogs to take to school. Let us not forget about all the money that still needs to be made in order to keep fresh fiber over our heads. Hopefully, even if only for a few blissful moments throughout these days, you’ve managed to find the time and energy to get yourself back behind the wheel.

What matters most is that you’ve shown up—for yourself and possibly for a team. Do not judge yourself by the fact that you may not attain your goal of processing and spinning an entire fleece, or that you may have thus far completed one 4 oz braid (yay! handspun!) out of the four you’d put aside for this year’s tour.

You do you, and keep on treadling.

Tour de Fleece

Here are a few ideas for getting back in the spirit of the race:
  • Take a beauty shot of your bobbin-in-progress, spindle-in-progress, or of any handspun you may have completed, and then post it to social media using the hashtag(s) #spinofftdf2017 and/or #spinoffmag. Be sure to tag us at @interweavecraft
  • If you’ve never quite clicked with spindle spinning, carry that spindle with you throughout each day during this next week, along with one of your most exquisite braids of fiber as bonding incentive (and check out Devin Helmen’s tricks for spinning while you walk)
  • Invite a couple of friends over (spinners or non-) to watch the Tour with you while you also get some much-needed time at the wheel.

Some days are way more challenging than others for us all. On those days, take comfort in the camaraderie that is the very spirit of this annual event.

We are here to cheer you on!


Featured Image: 1 oz of spindle-spun yarn makes for a feeling of accomplishment. Spindles by Greensleeves; handspun yarn created from Hobbledehoy Fibers’ battlings in the Draco colorway. Current spin-in-progress (on spindle) is organic Merino in the Les Macarons colorway from Southern Cross Fibres. Photo by Debbie Held

DEBBIE HELD is a freelance business journalist who chose full-time spinsterhood after an extended illness. She lives in the Atlanta area with her wool and wheels, where she’s usually spinning and working on her next crafting article. She may be reached via her website, www.debbieheld.com.

You can do it!


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