Las Arañas Spinners and Weavers guild 2008 Sheep to Shawl demonstrations

(Left) Diane Witt, Jaye Whorton and Sue Maness spin under the tent. (Right) Alpacas visit.

(left) Guild member Marsha Starr talks to kids about fiber.

The Las Arañas Spinners & Weavers Guild in Albuquerque, New Mexico, along with the New Mexico Wool Growers Auxiliary, puts on a Sheep to Shawl exhibit and demonstration
for 16 days at the New Mexico State Fair. Several sheep are sheared each day and members demonstrate carding, spinning, dyeing (with natural dyes), weaving, knitting, needle felting, inkle loom weaving, and crochet. (Note: this is a demonstration of the journey of wool from the sheep to a shawl and not a contest where the wool from a particular sheep is processed to become a shawl.) We also have a shop where members can sell the products they make or grow. All items in the shop must contain a minimum of 60% natural fiber. We have just completed our 38th consecutive year of demonstrating at the State Fair and we thank the many volunteers who make this exhibit possible. Photos by Ruth Ronan.

(below) Alice Geiger and Sue Goudy demonstrate weaving to some visitors.

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