Lambs abound at the Meridian Jacobs open house


Jacob sheep have beautiful black and white fleeces. Photo courtesy of Meridian Jacobs. 
Lambs on springtime pasture. Photo courtesy of Meridian Jacobs.
A ewe that can care for both of her lambs at the same time is a shepherd's delight. Photo courtesy of Meridian Jacobs. 


With over seventy lambs born this spring, California shepherd Robin Lynde has been busy. Meridian Jacobs has become well-known in the fiber world not only for beautiful fleeces, but also gorgeous images of her distinctive flock on lush, green pastures. The farm will host an open house this Saturday, April 4th, that will include demonstrations, vendors, and plenty of opportunities for sheep petting. Check the website for details.



The open house is only one of the ways in which Meridian Jacobs gives fiber folks a chance to be a part of the flock and farm. You can join the Farm Club whether you live near or far. Members receive fibers, weekly updates about what is going on at the farm, and much more. So whether you live up the road and can lend a hand at shearing time, or you live on the other side of the continent, everyone can participate. Craving more lamb pictures? Check out Robin's blog and Facebook page.



Meet the Sheep Open House

Meridian Jacobs

7811 N. Meridian Rd.

Vacaville, CA 95688

April 4, 2015

11 a.m.‒4 p.m.



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