Knitting backwards

Knitting backwards isn't something that I assumed I could do. I have the hardest time with the Kitchener stitch–until I figured out that I was just doing it exactly backwards (so that there was always a purl row where I wanted a stockinette row). I solved that problem by turning my work inside out to do the kitchener stitch–it does the trick. Based on this slight knitting dyslexia, I wasn't sure I could knit backwards, but I was inspired to try when I was experiementing with entrelac–all those short rows were driving me crazy. The book Socks has instructions for knitting backwards in Kathryn Alexander's pattern for entrelac socks–so I tried it out and after a little bit I could do it! I was slow at first, but soon I was able to save time by not turning my work and simply working backwards. I'm always glad to learn new things.


I made this entrelac hat with two yarns, a singles BFL dyed by Dragonfibers that I bought at her etsy shop, and a Merino/Tencel singles dyed by Bonkers Handmade Originals that I purchased at her booth at the Estes Park Wool Market last summer. I spun from bobbins to keep the singles from getting too unruly. The pattern is Abby Franquemont's 4th Grade that I found on the Twist Collective website.

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