Keep Your Spinning Wheel Running Smoothly

How is a spinning wheel like a bicycle?bicycle crop

Actually, they are quite a lot alike: geared wheels that are propelled around by the power of your own feet. Or foot. The big difference is that with a spinning wheel, you make something tangible. (And you don’t need to wear a helmet. And you won’t have to patch a flat.)

In either case, there’s a lot of satisfaction in being the driver of a precision tool and making it do your bidding. But whether you’re making yarn or logging miles, you need to know how to keep your machine happy.
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In the case of the spinning wheel, you need to know:

•    What little squeaks need attention and which are just the spinning wheel expressing itself
•    The names and basic functions of spinning wheel parts
•    When to use which whorl or which groove
•    When and how to adjust tension on the drive band
•    Where to put that oil that everyone talks about all the time

Oh, and a hundred other little things.  Little things that don’t require a degree in engineering or physics. Little things that make the difference between hours of pleasurable yarn-making or hours of interruption and annoyance. Do you really need to know if your wheel is bobbin-lead or flyer-lead? You can certainly make good yarn without that basic understanding, just as you can ride a bike without knowing when or how to shift gears.

But if you’re one of those people who like to really understand how things work, we have a crash course just for you. The Spinning Wheel Maintenance Kit teaches you everything you need to know to keep your wheel in good working order (including when to consult an expert).

Coming next time: “How is a spinning wheel like a dog?”

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Founder, Interweave

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