Join our new fiber club

Come play with color

Join us for Spin-Off's new fiber club, SPIN∙ALONG—designed especially for having fun, learning stuff, and making yarn. In our first club package you'll find 4 ounces of lovely solid and color-blended Merino, a color wheel, and some tempting coupons from a few of our loyal manufacturers.

Why, you might wonder, did we choose these colors? Well, if you look at them a little cockeyed, they represent the three primary colors on the color wheel: red, blue, and (brownish) yellow (or maybe you'd call it yellowish brown), and an interesting neutral. That creates lots of room for originality and experimentation. You can spin each color separately, combine some, try different ply combinations, blend if you choose. Leave some out, add something in from your personal stash. You might end up with something very different from primaries: secondaries, tertiaries, split complementaries, or…who knows.

We hope you'll join us and have some creative fun with these fibers, and we hope you'll share. You will find a special forum on Spinning Daily. Just go to Post your comments, read what your fellow spinners are doing, post photos of your yarn or your finished (or half-finished) project. Of course, you can post on Ravelry or Pinterest or whatever you prefer, too. We're saving a page in the Spring issue of Spin-Off to present some of the more interesting results (deadline December 15—yes, that's right).

The next SPIN∙ALONG package will be coming along in about three months, and it will be completely different from this one. If you join us now, you will be one of the first to know when it is available.

We hope you'll join us. We do.

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