Jillian Moreno + SweetGeorgia = Clear, Gorgeous Color

Close-PICEditing Spin-Off is my favorite part of my job, but a close second is what I think of as “personal shopping” for our readers—dreaming up fun combinations of books, magazines, videos, tools, fiber, and more to whet your appetite. I was excited to create the Spin Handpainted Top kit, but as you’ll see, I had nothing on Jillian Moreno. Here’s her story:

When Anne told me that there would be a kit built around my video 12 Ways to Spin Handpainted Top I was excited. When she mentioned that I would be able to work with a dyer to design a custom colorway I was thrilled. And when Anne told me that the dyer would be Felicia Lo of SweetGeorgia Yarns, I spun around in my desk chair and followed that up with a little booty-shaking dance.

Why? Because not only is Felicia one of my favorite dyers, she gets color. She gets the need for lots of color and for bright color. I knew the sky was the limit with this fiber artist. I knew I could go wild and bright and it wouldn’t muddy, and I was right.

PIC2-Color-BrightI suggested the colorway be based on the work of Sonia Delaunay, a painter and textile designer who worked in the early 20th century and was known for her color.

The colorway that Felicia came up with was bright and electric in feeling. A colorway that I couldn’t help smiling about when I spun it. I chose to spin my braid flipped to get the most marling possible, to get the colors to flow and blend in dots of color.

Flipping a braid of fiber is easy: 1. Split a braid in half lengthwise. 2. Spin one half from one end. 3. Spin the other half from the opposite end. 4. Ply them together.

PIC-3--close-up-2-mediumThe yarn I got was jumbled like licorice all-sorts but the colors remained clear and bright. Delicious!

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