It's not good-bye, it is au revoir! Until I see you again!

A good note to end on

Amy headed to the Estes Park Wool Festival with Liz Gipson and Dustin Wedekind in 2001. 

We're putting the finishing touches on the Spring 2014 issue of Spin-Off. It is really looking gorgeous. It is full of delicious fiber, scrumptious yarn, and great information about how to work with color—how to dye with natural and synthetic dyes, how to blend for color, and how to ply for color. We also interviewed a number of fiber artists whose work is notable because of how they work with color. The images are stunning, the work inspiring. I think you will really love it. And for me personally, it's really a great issue for me to transition to a new job, new career.

That's right, I'm transitioning to a new job—my last day at Spin-Off will be January 31st. I was offered a job with Great Work Inc., a non-profit organization that is working with Compass Montessori in Golden, Colorado, to create a training center so that others can create similarly structured preK-12th grade public Montessori schools. I am still going to be involved in the spinning community—just in a different capacity. The school that I'm working with has a really strong fiber arts program.

The not-so-good Liz (Liz Gipson, left) and the good Liz (Liz Good, right) tempt Red Riding Hood (Amy Clarke Moore, center) on Halloween in 2007.

I'm excited for the new opportunity—though sad to leave my colleagues at Interweave—it has been a good sixteen plus years. And since this may be my last chance, I'd like to tell you about one of those colleagues in particular: Liz Good—my friend and coworker. She just celebrated her tenth anniversary at Interweave-she started as an Intern in the Spin-Off office, just out of an internship program at Schacht Spindle Company in Boulder, Colorado. She had also recently graduated from Colorado State University and had gone through the fiber arts program where I had been a few years before her—pursuing a passion for spinning and weaving. Liz worked on Fiberarts magazine until the difficult decision was made to stop publishing the magazine, and then she became the Managing Editor of Spin-Off in 2010. Besides the enormous amount of fun that we have had working together as friends and colleagues, she has been instrumental in helping guide the magazine in the new direction that so many of you have been pleased with and commented upon. Liz likes her work behind the scenes. She has an amazing talent for organization and attention to detail while at the same time understanding the big picture. She balances beautifully (and with grace) the ever-increasing pressures of publishing in a digital world. I know she'll guide the magazine through this transition with the same steady hand and lovely smile that she sports every day we've work together. Thank you, Liz!

Amy at her desk in the early days as Spin-Off's editor.

Also, I'd like to thank all of you in the spinning community for all you have given me—I've been so lucky to work in the service of such kind, generous, thoughtful, smart, and loving people as all of you. Let's stay in touch, okay? You can find me on Ravelry, sixswansflying or on facebook.

Happy spinning,

P.S. The Spin-Off Editor's job has been posted on the Interweave website, so if you know of anyone who you think should apply, please let them know.

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