Interweave Felt, 2007

Felted Knitting: Felting or Fulling, Projects, and Marta McCall Profile. Wet Felting: How it Felts and Projects. Needle Felting: Getting Started and Projects.

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On the Cover:
Circle Squared Purse
by Maggie Pace


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Felt—Myths and Reality
by Kate Martinson
There's felt, and then there's FELT! Here are some tips on how to
make it right

7 Recycled Felt Projects



The Berriat Lariat
Dustin Wedekind



Kokopelli Tote
Virginia Eubanks

Watercolor Lily Beret
Patricia Spark

We mistakenly credited Marta McCall for the photography in the article: "Marta McCall, Designing Outside the Skein" that appeared in Interweave Felt, Special Issue 2007. We extend our apologies to photographer Robert Loran. View more of his work at

Felted Knitting

Felting or Fulling Your Knitting?
Beverly Galeskas
Learn the hows and whys for accurate shrinking.

Fat Baby Booties
Beverly Galeskas
Booties for even the chubbiest of feet.

The Lock Nest Hat
Teri Barr
A hat like no other.

Kokopelli Tote
Virginia Eubanks
A shoulder bag perfect for embellishing.

Fat Cat
Kristin Nicholas
A charming and simple toy cat to make.

Marta McCall: Designing Outside the Skein
Jack Lewis
Designer profile of Marta McCall 

Weekend Getaway Satchel
Marta McCall
An updated version of the classic carpetbag.

Circle Squared Purse
Maggie Pace
Felt around rings.

Felted Fair Isle Bag
Pam Allen
A roomy bag in bright and bold colors.

Felted Pillow
Kristin Nicholas
Embellish a simple knitted and felted pillow.

Unspun Roving Mittens
Amy Clarke Moore
Cozy mittens for adults and children.

Wet Felting

How it Felts
Robin Russo
Six fibers and how they felt.

Ruffles and Ripples: A Simple Felt Scarf
Sharon Costello
Nuno felting made easy.

Easy Felted Beads
Amy Clarke Moore
Make your own beads for stringing and embellishing.

The Berriat Lariat
Dustin Wedekind
Embellish ready-made felt with beads.

Needle Felting

Getting Started with Needle Felting
Sharon Costello
Make the finishing touch for your felted bag—a closure!

Cookie Cutter Felting
Karen Emrey and Christine Gann
Needle-felt into cookie cutter shapes.

Watercolor Lily Beret
Patricia Spark
Try your hand at photo-realistic needle felting—it’s easier than you think.

A Needle-Felted Purse
Jackie Deems
Use Babydoll Southdown fiber for this simple clutch.

Needle-Felting a Fulled Sweater
Sheryl Amaral
Turn a sweater into a jacket and add some embellishment.

Recycled Knits
The Felt staff offers seven ways to reuse and recycle. View All Projects


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