Interweave Felt 2007 Staff Project: Christmas Stocking, Amy Clarke Moore

I had three favorite sweaters—two that were handknitted that I had purchased at a charity auction years ago and one that was store-bought but still much loved. I wore the sweaters constantly and had developed a system for washing them in my washing machine that worked well—that is until I moved to a new house with a new washer. The first time I tried my sweater-washing system in my new house, I ruined all three sweaters irreversibly in one fell swoop. Even though they were now too small and misshapen to fit even my lanky tween niece, I held on to them. I knew I could salvage them. I tucked them away for a rainy-day project. That rainy-day project turned out to be a snowy-day project. I pulled them out as the first flakes of snow fell in the holiday season and designed Christmas stockings for my family.

Amy Clarke Moore, Editor

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