Illinois Prairie Spinners

Remember Popeye and his declaration “I’ve had all I can stand, I can’t stand no more”? Julie Guise of the Illinois Prairie Spinners (Illinois) enlisted the image of him rolling up his sleeves to tackle getting organized this year. She made a list of all her projects and what the next step was for each of them, and then she identified why it was stuck in that condition. She asked herself, “What needs to be done to move it further along to completion?” She remembered that a member who was moving away, put each project in its entirely into a ziplock bag in a large basket, then pulled them out one by one to work on until finished. She only allowed herself to start something new after completing some unfinished ones (UFOs). Julie suggested that everyone in the group package up unwanted UFOs for an internal yard sale in which theUFOs could be passed on to someone who might actually finish them.

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