How to Dye Yarn Naturally

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For some of us, the pleasure of using natural dyes is the connection it gives us with the earth, using plants and fungi and minerals from the environment in our handmade projects. Others enjoy the challenge of finding, working with, and sometimes even growing unpredictable materials, then coaxing the desired hues. My favorite reason for using natural dyes is just plain lovely color. Sometimes subtle and always rich, the shades that skilled dyers achieve with natural dyestuffs are heartbreakingly lovely.
No matter what inspires you to delve into natural dyes, this free eBook has something for you. If you’re interested in connecting with the earth, follow Lynn Ruggles as she combines her gardening and fiber passions, or join Brighid’s Dyers as they harness alternative energy with solar dyeing. To test and improve your skills, begin with Dagmar Klos’s thorough instructions. But whatever your reason, be sure to enjoy the range of natural colors on every page.
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