Holiday Spinning and the Downtown Scarf Project

I don't know how time flew by so quickly, but somehow October is here! For those of us at Interweave's home office in Loveland, Colorado, that means we've begun carrying coats to work—even if it's 70 degrees when we leave home—because snow could arrive unannounced at any moment. Cold weather is definitely on the way, and I've notice a marked increase in the amount of hats, scarves, and gloves being worked on during office meetings.

Some of these projects are the result of organized co-workers getting a head start on their holiday gift knitting, but many recent projects were made for a different cause—the Downtown Scarf Project. The community of Loveland is well known for its public arts programs—the downtown area is dotted with statues. This week, for National Spinning and Weaving Week, handspinners and weavers in Loveland and surrounding communities will adorn sculptures in downtown Loveland with handmade red scarves. In order to offer some small reassurance to families who find themselves without a place to call their own, the scarves will be donated to the Angel House.

Fellow Interweaver Karen Brock and I teamed up to make a scarf—I did the spinning, she did the knitting. (You can see our results in the photo at left.) This week our scarf will warm the neck of a chubby metal cat named Oreo, but after that it's off to serve a much better cause—providing a bit of comfort to a family at Angel House.

Whether you're spinning for yourself, your family and friends, or those who could use a helping hand this holiday season, Interweave's got you covered. Check out Scarf Style, the Harmony Guides, or one of our other great books for a little pattern inspiration, and may your holiday season be merry and warm!



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