Holiday Gifts for My Spinning Tools

Growing up, my mother told me about the legend that the animals would talk at the stroke of midnight on Christmas. I never checked what our old horses might say; it was too cold to go to the barn at midnight. Besides, aren’t good children supposed to be in bed early so Santa could come? Now that I’m grown up, though, I wonder what my spinning tools might ask for if I got up in the middle of the night and listened closely.

spinning tools

This Schacht Reeves spinning wheel is feeling festive.

Spinning Wheel
Come and sit by me, friend, and hold out your hands. We’ll make lovely yarn together—I’ve missed you! While we sit here quietly, though, maybe you could listen to that little knocking noise that’s started lately. You can’t hear it during the bustle of the day, but here in the still, can you hear it? Maybe for Christmas you could shine me up a little, grease my moving parts, and settle in for a long spin. Alden and Cindy will show you how.

Russian Spindle
Come over here and let me sit in your lap. Remember how good it feels to flick your fingers and set me in motion? Yes, it takes a little patience, but keep trying. Wipe the dust out of that beautiful bowl, pull out some of the cashmere you save for special occasions, and settle in for a little bit.

Drop Spindles
Hey! Come over and play with us! We’re quick and slow and light and heavy and so much fun! Remember where we came from—Peru and that little farm in Maine and this little ancient whorl? Put on Judith’s video, pick one of us up, and find your rhythm.

Hand Cards
Mmm, there’s a nice washed fleece in that bin just waiting to be made into fluffy rolags. We can smell it! Won’t it be nice to spend a cold holiday with your hands in lovely, warm wool? Don’t worry about using us in the “right” way. You can try a bunch of methods and find what works for you.

Bobbin Winder
O the windy windy from the spinny spinny doop de doo, wanna weavin or de plyin… (My bobbin winder (affiliated link) is Swedish, so for me he sounds a lot like the Swedish chef. Maybe I should follow Kate Larson’s bobbin winding advice instead.)

—Anne Merrow

Featured Image: What would your spindles want from Santa? Photos by George Boe; illustrations by irkus/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

What do your spinning tools whisper in your ear this holiday?

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