Her Handspun Habit: My Handspinning Year in (Pre)view

Each year, as December rolls past like a freight train, I find a few moments to sit and quietly reflect on my year in handspinning. With the help of my Ravelry handspun and projects pages, I look for trends and consider how I’d like to improve upon or refocus my spinning in the coming year.

Handspinning Through 2018

Although I don’t necessarily write down goals, I do think about my spinning purpose as I enjoy time contemplating the craft that brings me such joy and fulfillment. In years past, I took pride in being a spinner who could produce pounds and pounds of yarn in a year’s time, and this was terrific hands-on learning—for a while. I gradually began to care more about quality over quantity, intention over chance, and especially getting to put my handspun to an end use.


2018 brought me back to my beloved spindles

I don’t think I’ve ever produced less yarn than I did in 2018, yet what I spun was purposeful and helped me move forward. I conquered cotton and found time to return to my beloved spindles on a routine basis. I knitted three pairs of handspun socks this past year, including one pair from an intentionally spun spindle project. I learned how and when to just say no. I discovered that forcing myself through a feeling of spinning uncertainty can lead to whole new fiber-blend favorite.

Most important of all, I have used my handspun.


There have been years during which I’ve focused on one-off skeins and what I call “practice through poundage.”

I closed out the year by finally casting on a sweater from a long-ago batch of combo-spun yarn—something I’d promised myself I would get to in 2018—and I’m excited about spinning and knitting for our Hapalong!

What’s Up for 2019

In 2019, I’ve decided to focus on the bigger picture: larger-scale spins and their ensuing projects; spinning from a hefty stash (and getting creative with it), and using my library of patterns as much as possible.

2019 is young yet! I hope you’ll give yourself the gift of 15–30 minutes of fiber- and handspinning-related reflection to set the tone for your own year of purpose and empowerment ahead.


Featured Image: I find that scheduling a time in my calendar for my annual spinning introspection is the only way I’ll manage to make these few moments a reality. Photos by Deborah Held

Spin with a Plan in 2019!

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