Her Handspun Habit: Staying Accountable for My Fiber Stash

On more than one occasion, I have written in support of keeping a well-stocked fiber stash. I like to think of it as a pantry rich with enticing spinning ingredients.

While I have not changed my opinion on stashing, for the sake of accountability I am publicly declaring a temporary moratorium to my own fiber stocking (and stalking) while I make use of some of the pretties I have on hand. My reason is simple: I want to maintain the healthy relationship I have with my stash, so I am committing to spend some quality time with it. (Also, I’m completely out of room for more.)

Aspects of this endeavor I find especially exciting are that 1.) I am spinning some of my earliest fiber acquisitions, which seemed far too precious to spin long ago; 2.) I am using orphan braids and batts for combo spinning; and 3.) I am rewarding myself by adding new items to my fiber stash!

fiber stash

I love gathering complementary colorways from different dyers, sorting them into groups, and dreaming of the finished items they may become. Photos by Deborah Held

If you’re wondering when your time will come to reacquaint yourself with your stash, consider these three indicators:

3 Signs You Need to Spin Your Stash

Your stash has outgrown its space—perhaps multiple times.

First it’s one bin, then another, and before you know it you’re at the local hardware store buying multiple giant, clear locking totes. I’ve made it a point to keep my locking totes all in one closet, and yes, they do take up that entire space. This is my own line in the sand, and I refuse to move beyond it.

Your stash is mainly represented by one or two dyers or suppliers.

It’s wonderful to support others in our creative community, and there are many talented dyers and shepherds, all hoping (and needing) to sell you what they make. Sometimes we get caught up in the buzz of a single community without realizing the vastness of our purchasing power.

Your stash intake far exceeds your rate of output.

One of the unanticipated benefits of keeping my fiber stash up to date on Ravelry is that I theoretically know how long it would take me to spin up my stash—a little mind game I play with myself to make sure things haven’t gotten out of hand. (They have.)

I love my fiber stash, and I am ecstatic about getting to use it exclusively in the immediate future! Let us know in the comments which bits of your stash you’re most excited to get to work on.


Featured Image: Oh, the glories of stash diving!

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