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This spinner in the Peruvian highland village of Chahuaytire spins while tending her sheep—an everyday responsibility. Photo by Joe Coca.

Liz and her new loom.

Madelyn and her very well-behaved warp.

Welcome to Spinning Daily!

Although we have a brand new name and a new logo, what we do is still the same. You will still get two informative newsletters a week and still have access to the same community site with the same forums and galleries you have built and have been a part of and, of course, everything else we all love about our spinning community.  Visit this poll to let us know what you think. Our new name reflects our goal to make spinning a part of every-day life—yours, mine, everyone's! We want the information and tools we provide to help you create (or at least dream and plot) your spinning, well, daily.

Wait, I thought this was Spinning Daily

And while it might seem weird to talk about weaving in our first official Spinning Daily newsletter, I can't help but tell you all about the newest addition to my family . . . I just bought my first loom! For a girl who lives in a very small (640 sq. ft.) two bedroom house, this type of decision is not one that is entered into lightly. Okay, I did get a portable fold-up floor loom, and it does have only an 18" weaving width, but this baby sits in the corner of my room every day, and every night. It is something that I really have to live with. And let me tell you I Love It. Way more than I expected. I say "hi" every time I walk in the room and get a big smile on my face.

Oh, it is Spinning Daily!

Oh, and yes, I am planning on weaving with handspun. As a new spinner, I have bunches of little bits of handspun that seem like they would weave up wonderfully to make a colorful textured something. Although I have woven a few projects before, to prepare myself for my first warp I watched Madelyn van der Hoogt's new DVD Warping Your Loom. It was just the confidence boost I needed. My experiences with warping have not been pleasant. The word itself brings up images of tangled yarns being combed out by my fingers. Yuck. Warping has always been something to get out of the way before the relaxing act of weaving itself. Madelyn makes the whole process seem smooth and serene and therefore, enjoyable. And she uses logical, easy-to-follow steps that she developed through years of teaching weaving at her school. There is not a tangle in her whole video and no cursing, just smooth well-thought-out actions.

 Happy weaving, here I come!

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