Help with Adobe Reader Files

Help with Adobe PDF Files

Some of the files on this website are saved as Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files. These files are identified with this  icon and can be view with the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 6.0 and higher. The file size is noted at the end of the link so you can estimate your download time.


   * Most computers now come with Adobe Acrobat Reader already installed.
      If necessary, you can download and install the latest version.

    * Saving Problems
          o If you click on a PDF link and nothing happens, check to see if you have a pop-up blocker enabled on your machine. (The PDF files are all set up to open in a second browser window.) Instead of clicking on the link to open it, try right-clicking on the pattern link and then choosing the "save" option. After the file has been saved to you computer, you should be able to double-click on it to open it.
          o If you are on modem or have a slow Internet connection, you may need to turn off your screen saver before saving the file so that there are no interruptions during the saving process.

Saving a PDF File to Your Computer

    * Viewing Problems
          o If your computer is locking up, you only see a blank white screen, or you see strange symbols instead of regular text and graphics, there may be a problem in how your computer is trying to open the PDF. Try saving the file first and then opening it up directly in Adobe Acrobat, rather than in your web browser.

Saving a PDF File to Your Computer

    * Printing Problems
          o If the file will not print, or prints slowly:
                + If the PDF was slow to download, it will probably be slow to print. You might be able to check the printer status on your computer and make sure that the file is being sent to the printer.
                + Try setting the print quality at normal or economy rather than best quality or reduce dpi to 150 rather than 300 dpi. These settings are selected in the printer setup or printer options.
                + Try closing all other programs on your computer and opening the PDF file directly in Adobe Acrobat and not in your web browser. (Read Saving a PDF File to Your Computer if you're not sure how to do this.)
                + The Adobe website offers an extensive checklist for fixing printing issues: Troubleshooting Printing Problems


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