Hapalong! The Spin Off Magazine Spinalong/Knitalong!

It all began on January 1, 2017 with our maiden virtual group gathering: the first annual Spin Off Magazine Spinalong and Knitalong (SAL/KAL) focused on the combo spin. We then kicked off 2018 with the much-beloved handspun, handknitted sock. Now, to ring in 2019, we are all quite hip on the hap (affiliate link), and we’re hoping that you’ll join us for our forthcoming Spin Off Hapalong!

There is much to love about this Shetland original (featured in our Autumn 2018 Issue) and its myriad modern interpretations. Is it a shawl? Is it a blanket? Maybe both! You can learn more about this versatile accessory in the article I wrote about the history of the hap in Spin Off Fall 2018.

Mark Your Calendars

January 1–13, 2019: Gather your fiber and pick your pattern!
January 14–April 15, 2019: Hapalong

The SAL/KAL event will have its homebase in the Spin Off Knitters and Spinners Group on Ravelry. During the hapalong, Elizabeth (aka lottaloops), Kate (aka Darrowby), and I (aka doodler01) will be popping in with support and tips for yielding your best handspun, handknitted project yet. SAL/KAL events are a great way to get a project off the ground and meet spinners from around the world. And there will be prizes awarded throughout to boost your spinning mojo!

Best of all, this is an endeavor suitable for a spinner-knitter of any experience level. Want to knit yours from lofty woolen singles or your finest 2-ply lace? Both are perfect. Is your default spin more of a sport–DK-weight yarn? That’s cool too! Woolen, worsted, or semi—it’s all going to work.

Shetland hap

Haps are versatile, giving you the chance to try a variety of yarn types. Photo by Kate Larson

In full disclosure, I began (and subsequently abandoned) my own hap spin during the most recent Tour de Fleece. Although I loved the contrast colors I selected for the project, the rushed way that I chose them and my equally harried job of spinning them during a speed-spinning event had me rethinking my plan later. This time, I’m doing it right.

During the days before the beginning of the Hapalong, I’ll be raiding my stash, thinking about possible related fiber prep, lining up patterns, and yes, putting real thought into my future hap. That’s what this project deserves.

Spin Off Magazine Spinalong

A bit of planning can help your project get started in the right direction. Photo by Debbie Held

I absolutely cannot wait to get started on our Hapalong! Join us in our Ravelry group for more announcements, information/rules, camaraderie, and some special surprises. Once you’ve got your fibers and pattern selected, tag #SOHapalong and @interweavecraft on Instagram so that we all may “ooh,” and “aah,” suitably.

Get inspired!

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