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Advanced and beginner handspinners alike share a common passion for creating unique and beautiful handspun yarn! For centuries, people around the world have spun fiber by hand to create yarn. Here at Spinning Daily we appreciate all that handspinning yarn brings to the yarn world, and want to share our discoveries. To help you find the best in fiber preparation and spinning techniques here are some recommended resources.

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Spotlighting Drop Spindle Spinning

Portable and productive, the drop spindle has been a valuable tool for creating beautiful handspun yarn around the world for millennia. Lucky for spinners today, many spinners have come before us and the techniques for spinning on spindles have been tried and perfected over time.

Many contemporary spinners view the hand spindle as a beginner's tool, suited to learn the basic steps of spinning before moving on to a spinning wheel. There are two main types of drop spindles: low-whorl spindles and high-whorl spindles. Low-whorl spindles, with the weight at the bottom, have a low center of gravity and are more stable as a result. High-whorl spindles have the weight at the top. Extremely light high-whorl spindles tend to spin better than extremely light low-whorl spindles.

In the modern world, spinners have access to a broad range of tools and equipment: from every type of wheel, beautifully crafted spindles, and luscious fibers from all over the world. There are many kinds of spindles and various ways to use them. There is far more to be said on this subject than could ever fit in just one book. Source: Respect the Spindle, by Abby Franquemont

Abby Franquemont has included an explanation of how to draft, twist, and ply yarn that will help anyone learn how to spin on a drop spindle or become a better spinner. This information can be useful to spinners who use a spindle or a spinning wheel.

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