Handspun Holiday: From Our Flock to Yours

How do you get ready for the new year? The Spin Off crew have all been preparing to say goodbye to 2018 in their own way. Happy Handspun Holiday from our flocks to yours!

Some of us have literal flocks.

Kate Larson – Editor of Spin Off
My flock and I have been preparing for the new year as fast as possible. Despite the colder temperatures here in Indiana, we are usually still finishing harvest and tucking hay into storage in December.

As we near New Year’s Eve, the rams will be taken out of the breeding groups and returned to the bachelor pad (which they really quite like). The ewes will then breath a sigh of relief and snuggle into the straw, ready for a restful winter. Their shepherd is ready for a rest, too!

handspun holiday

December at Kate’s farm. Photo courtesy of Kate Larson

Some of us have “flocks” of another nature.

Anne Merrow – Group Editorial Director
This is Orville, my Senior Cat, napping in a pile of washed fleece that’s drying on a rack (affiliate link). (This is why everything I spin is a cat hair blend.)

handspun holiday

Orville’s compatriot, Pete, is also a handsome orange cat who enjoys Anne’s fiber stash. Photo by Anne Merrow

And some of us will hit the road, ready for post-holiday adventure!

Elizabeth Prose – Spin Off Assistant Editor
Whenever I travel to fiber festivals and retreats, I take a basic top-whorl spindle and fiber to spin while on the go. Non-spinners often stop me and ask what I’m spinning. I see this as an opportunity to grow our community, and I will hand them my spindle and fiber so they can have a try. You never know—they may get hooked! (Insert evil laugh.)

handspun holiday

SweetGeorgia fiber and Cascade spindle ready for the road. Photo by Elizabeth Prose

Spin along with us in 2019!

Featured Image: Snuggle in for the winter. Photo by Kate Larson

Start the new year off right!

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