Her Handspun Habit: Sharing the Handspinning Love

As a happily self-proclaimed real-life spinster, the month of February provides me with yet another opportunity to count my blessings—especially on the subject of love. Love shown by friends (and family) is “true” love, and I would not be the spinster I am today were it not for the affection and generosity of so many in the handspinning community.


A friend snapped this photo of me using the Sidekick that changed my life.

From those first borrowed spindles to pounds of fibers sent to help boost my once-meager stash (letting me loosen up and spin with abandon), there have been friends cheering and supporting my handspun habit at every turn. One that truly unleashed the spinner within was a friend in Texas, who shipped her fully-outfitted Schacht Sidekick to my doorstep, asking only that I show that wheel who’s boss. That wheel changed the course of my handspinning capabilities, my confidence, and the course of my life.

Others have helped me in equally significant, though perhaps less visible, ways. Each whisper of encouragement and “atta girl,” every gentle nudge in the right direction, innumerable magazines and books loaned to me with a smile . . . these are my life’s affirmations. I may have chosen to spend life on my own, but no matter the situation, I am never truly alone.


The books and magazines that spinning friends share with me are as nurturing as they are educational.

That is a beautiful and most unexpected thing. In the event I need a quick rally, I need merely look around my home. The reminders of these friends are everywhere.

In this season of cupids and hearts, I am reminded of the many people who have helped guide me back to loving myself. Some are family, many are friends (some I’ve never even met in person), and all are greatly cherished.

In this age of technology, none of us need ever feel alone. Hop online and join a virtual handspinning community, such as the Spin Off group on Ravelry or the Spinners Study group on Facebook and start commenting. Participate and post your own photos. Join a spinalong. Look for a hashtag you like on Instagram and tag your own photos. Force yourself out of your shell and attend a couple of spinning guild meetings, or start your own group, if need be.

In my opinion, the handspinning community is the most kind-hearted of all the fiber-arts groups, and all are welcome. There is no need to walk through life all alone when loving, affirming handspinners abound.


Featured Image: The generosity and kindness of handspinners surrounds me. Photos by Deborah Held

Celebrate Your Worldwide Handspinning Community

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  1. Jennifer I at 11:17 am April 2, 2018

    Such a nice article. Left me feeling fuzzy (pun intended). Sending spinning hugs to one and all.

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