hand spun navajo-plyed alpaca

This is hand-spun alpaca from the fleece of Alpaca Huacayas raised in Brittany/ France/ Europe. It is a three-ply yarn. The yarn of the ball on the right side is thicker. I made a helix scarf with it, which is a little bit too "heavy" since Alpaca has not much elasticiy. I spun it with a Schacht double drive 1:12 (short forward or backword draw) and I plyed it single drive 1: 9.  Depending on the length of the locks (1,5 – 3 inch) and the quantity of vegetable matter, I used a dog comb, mini-combs, handcarders and drum-carder to prepare it. I tried to wash a small quantity before, to see if it was better, but it was then more difficult to pick the locks before preparing them and it was more difficult to spin too. I knitted the thick yarn with U.S. needle size 7, the thin yarn with 4 and 5.

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