Guilds Take on Technology: Techno Fibers at the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery


Masha Kosmos used an actual microchip as design inspiration for a soft silk scarf; hardware becomes soft wear! Photos courtesy of the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery.

Joanne Bast started with a photo, manipulated it several ways with PhotoShop and printed it onto fabric. She took the fabric to her sewing machine and hand guided the stitching with carefully chosen thread colors to create a fantastic wall piece.

Ruth Blau used graphics programs for her design. She imported it into weaving software and hand wove it on a computer-assisted loom. Her hand-dyed warp yarns contribute to the beauty of her scarf.

Fiber artists the world over are finding creative ways to challenge and inspire themselves and fellow fiber lovers. The Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, recently challenged members to create artwork for a show entitled Techno Fibers. The topic aimed to inspire artists to think about the ways in which technology informs their work. Pieces included everything from a silk scarf with a microchip surface design, to woven scarves using a computer-assisted loom, to machine-embroidered thread paintings. The gallery features juried shows based on interesting themes nearly every month. Exhibiting artists must also be members of the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild.

The gallery's current show is Antique Recreations: Old linens, old lace, old techniques made new. Upcoming shows include: Black and White: High contrast, high fun; Bedecked and Bejeweled: Home and personal adornment; and QR Codes, Stripes and Spacings. Check the gallery website for a schedule of upcoming events.

Three works submitted to the Techno Fibers show were chosen for honors:


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