Guild Challenge: Batts to Hats


Completed Batts to Hats challenge projects. Photos courtesy of Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild.

Can you spin and knit a hat in under two hours? This was the latest challenge posed to members of the Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild. Participants paired up for the challenge so one person could concentrate on spinning while the other partner worked on knitting. Seven teams competed at the event, held during a guild meeting. The winning team, Marcia and Serena, had a great time and attributed their success, in a large part, to Rita Buchanan. Marcia remembered Rita's lesson on spinning bulky yarns from a workshop in 2005. Serena blended beautiful batts for the competition, and they finished their hat in a half hour! Marcia wrote a great article about their adventure and included a pattern for the Half-Hour Hat, which is posted on the guild website.  



The Challenge:

"Here's how it works…. Choose a partner. Develop your strategy. The goal is to create an adult sized hat from raw material to wearable item in two hours. Each team will provide their own fiber and any necessary tools (knitting needles, crochet hooks, pattern, sewing needle) It can be in any preparation with the exception of pencil roving. So it can be batts, locks, or commercial roving. You and your partner must spin the fiber and then craft it (knit or crochet) into a hat (that would cover your ears – we do live in a wintery region) that will fit an average adult head. You can add any embellishments that you want as long as you remain true to the rules. At the two hour mark, we will stop the activity and judge the finished products." 

Awards were based on completion time, in addition to an over-all Guild Favorite Award.



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