Natural Fiber Directory: FREE, Must-Have Resource for All Spinners

FREE natural fiber directory, a great resource for every serious spinner!Nearly every issue of Spin-Off features the amazing, magical qualities of natural fiber, but we’ve figured out a way to celebrate it even more. Natural Fiber Directory was born during the International Year of Natural Fiber and here it is in its fifth year. It was included as a pull-out section in the Winter 2017 issue of Spin-Off, and is now available as a free download—making it even easier to share with your fiber friends.


This is a one-stop, easy-to-take-with-you listings of fiber resources from around the world. These listings are important, not only for you, as you’re searching for the perfect fleece for your next project, but also, for the spinning community as a whole.

Supporting the shepherds, farmers, and horticulturists who preserve the rare breeds of sheep, cultivate shades of natural colored cotton, and nurture the silk worms means that we will continue to have choices when it comes time to select a fiber for a project—and that is what spinning is all about, isn’t it? Choices. We choose the fiber we want for the texture of the yarn, we choose how we prepare it, what color it will be, and when it will be done.

So, enjoy your ability to choose your fiber, enjoy poring over these listings and fantasizing about your next foray into the land of natural fiber with our FREE Natural Fiber Directory!


Happy spinning,

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