Get readyit's almost St. Distaff's Day


Twenty members of the South Jersey Spinning Guild gathered for Rock Day 2013. Photo courtesy of April Lippet-Faczak.

St. Distaff's Day is a spinner's holiday frequently observed in our modern-day guilds. The Scottish author Robert Chambers's Book of Days, published in 1869, lists January 7th as St. Distaff's Day. For those who observed the day in medieval times, St. Distaff's Day, or Rock Day, signified the end of the holiday season and a return to work (including spinning) following Christmas. Some calendars list this holiday as January 6th, the last day of repose before returning to work. For most modern spinners, spinning is often a source of joy and camaraderiehow lucky we are!

Plans for St. Distaff's Day celebrations are in the works as many guilds prepare to gather in the new year. Is your guild or spinning group gathering for a day of fiber and holiday treats? Share your spinner's holiday with us on Spinner's Connection! Just send a picture or two with some details about your day to Kate at  Happy spinning! 



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