Get ready to learn!

So, are you excited? Registration for SOAR 2010 opens tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern time. Last week we were busy testing the online registration, and I got to sign up for all sorts of classes. I had a great time selecting my workshop and retreat sessions, fantasizing about dyeing with cochineal, combing Suri alpaca, or spinning all sorts of arty, recycled yarns. Of course, I had to cancel all my registrations—since it was just testing—but it was fun imagining showing up in class with my wheel and my expectations.

What is the Open Studio?

There's one aspect of SOAR this year that we're really excited about—the Open Studio during the retreat sessions. We've set up the Retreat this year so that you'll sign up for three Retreat sessions and one Open Studio, instead of four Retreat sessions as we've done in the past. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 You won’t want to miss this great opportunity for learning outside of the box. Two to four mentors will be available each open studio session—they will come with their current project in hand and be available to talk to you in a less formal setting about spinning and other aspects of working with fiber and yarn.

Be a lifelong learner

This is a chance for you to openly engage in pursuing the answers to your spinning questions—in a less structured setting than a classroom. Think of it as the difference between a traditional classroom setting and a Montessori classroom. In a traditional classroom, there are students and there is a teacher. The teacher stands in front of the class and delivers the lesson to the students who absorb the lesson. There is order and there is structure, and definitely learning occurs. In the Montessori classroom, the tools for learning are provided, but children are allowed to discover on their own, gently guided by teachers. Students are driven by their desire to know more and actively pursue answers to their questions. Learning is presented as a process, a journey of discovery, this is learning how to learn at its very best, and it is empowering—you have the tools to discover the answers to your questions. During the Open Studio, we will provide the setting, the tools, and the mentors—you will have the chance to actively pursue the answers to your spinning questions. See why we are excited?

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