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The new issue of Spin Off magazine is almost here. Spring 2019 brings fresh energy, new inspirations, and of course, lambs! Like most shepherds, I spend much of spring’s lengthening days among my flock carefully watching the pregnant ewes for signs of labor. Each time I walk into the barn during these long days and late nights, the sounds, smells, and excitement of lambing season fill me with a sense of renewal. What will the new year bring?

The shepherds and farmers that produce our spinning fibers have an intimate relationship with their animals and plants. Wool or alpaca, cotton or flax, the fibers that fill our stashes are the result of generations of work. When you sit down with cotton puni (affiliate link) and tahkli or wool and wheel, you become a part of this cycle of seasons, labor, and care.

Warm Days, Cool Spinning

Spin Off Spring 2019

Amy Tyler explores spinning and knitting with silk hankies to create her Wild Water Silk Scarf. Photo by Harper Point Photography

In the Cool Spinning issue of Spin Off, we’ve gathered stories about small-scale sheep keeping and industry-scale cotton production. You’ll find explorations of fibers that keep you cool in climbing temperatures, such as Devin Helmen’s “To Spin a Shirt” cotton adventure and Amy Tyler’s approach to spinning silk hankies for lace knitting.

Spin Off Spring 2019

Devin Helmen spun naturally-colored cotton for a handwoven shirt. Photo by Kate Larson

“Cool spinning” offers a variety of interpretations, and our authors found great ways to explore what cool can mean. Spinner Josefin Waltin shared her process of sorting and sampling the cool, silky locks of two breeds of sheep from the windswept island of Gotland. Michigan spinner Carol Densmore tells the story behind her fresh start: creating a spinning guild. And Brenda K. B. Anderson’s crochet mitts are just so cool!

Spin Off Spring 2019

Brenda K.B. Anderson’s crocheted Marigold Mitts. Photo by George Boe

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Featured Image: A heap of Kate Larson’s sheep on a cool spring morning. Photo by Kate Larson

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