Gathering in the Bay Area: Sit some, spin some, yak some, snack some


David Harron with his handspun, handwoven blanket. Pictures courtesy of Spindles and Flyers Guild.
Lisa Lazar in her handspun, handknit sweater. 

When I read that the Spindles and Flyers Spinning Guild June meeting would be dubbed Sit Some, Spin Some, Yak Some, Snack Some, I was intrigued. This certainly sums up a spinner's idea of a good time! In asking more about the event, I learned that this event has been a tradition for spinners in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 1970s. The group would gather at San Francisco Fiber, which has since moved to Oakland, CA. Owner Lou Grantham continues to offer classes in spinning, weaving, and dyeing. The guild now has about seventy-five members, with thirty to forty in attendance at most meetings. During May and June, the guild's schedule is packed with festivals, fairs, and picnics. Sit Some, Spin Some, Yak Some, Snack Some is a great time for members to relax and enjoy a pleasant end to the guild year.

Longtime guild member Susan Sullivan Maynard shared some pictures from the meeting. "In the top picture, you will see David Harron with his latest blanket. He starts with raw fleece, spins to fiber characteristics, and weaves blankets. His pieces not only float and drape, but we can identify the breeds of sheep he used." Below, Lisa Lazar modeling a sweater knit from her first fleece purchase.  Susan adds that Lisa is "an accomplished knitter of many sweaters now developing skills for fiber processing and spinning." A talented group!

Guild members enjoying their day together.

The Spindles and Flyers Guild has been active in the Berkeley area since 1955. Members are already looking forward to the guild's sixtieth anniversary. When the guild turned fifty in 2005, Susan wrote a lovely article for Spin-Off, which you can see here



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