Garden-Variety Spinning

Spinning is nothing if not versatile, and Interweave founder Linda Ligon is full of surprises. Put the two together in a vegetable garden in August, and you’ll have nothing but surprises. I’m always up for an adventure with Linda, so I went along to see what she’d come up with. We made spinning tools! And even a weaving tool.

What made us go out of our gourds? Well, we were trying to offer a carrot to spinners to join us for the second annual Spinzilla, a veritable cornucopia of spinning fun taking place October 6-12, 2014. While we know that Team Spin-Off will squash other teams with our enthusiasm, this is a friendly competition, so we’ll hold off on the raspberries for now. There will be prizes, of course, including some plum goodies from Spinzilla sponsors. The deadline for signing up is September 22, but you can register as a Rogue Spinner until October 3.

Although last year the competition was limited to singles in the interest of comparing apples to apples, this year you can get yardage credit for your plying time. Read about it in the event’s FAQ.

Well, clearly I’m full of beans today, but it just goes to show you my enthusiasm for Spinzilla. After all, spinning is a joy and a pleasure. Taking part in a great event like this? Well, it’s just the cherry on top.

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