Fulled Bag with Slot Handles by Jana Trent

This bag is worked without shaping from the top edge to the center bottom. The tapered shape is entirely due to shaping by hand after the bag is fulled. You can knit stripes, or incorporate novelty yarns as you knit, or embellish the bag after fulling. Yarn quantities specified here will make a medium-sized bag. The bag on  Spin-Off’s cover was knitted with two strands of millspun Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride worsted-weight.

The circumference may be varied by adding or subtracting cast-on stitches in multiples of four. Keep the marked corner stitches consistent with the pattern— that is, the eighth stitch on either side of a side marker. Bag height may also be varied; additional yarn will be required for larger bags. Make a gauge swatch and note the length and width, then full it following the directions on page 3. Measure the swatch after it has been fulled to determine the amount of shrinkage you can expect from your yarn.

Enjoy this free knitting pattern!

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