For the love of lace.

Ideas and inspiration are constantly flowing through the crafting world. Passing from one artisan to the next, knowledge and encouragement help our work to evolve. Through your guild newsletters, I can often see the circuitous path of inspiration making its way through our textile community.  

Last year, the Carmel Crafts Guild (California) visited Lacis, a much-loved lace museum and accompanying retail shop in Berkeley. Inspired by the museum collection, guild members decided to bring their personal collections to the next meeting to share with the group. Nancy Nix said, "We all brought in lace [created by] our relatives before us or that we had collected.  We covered an entire dining table and more." Amazed by how many different types of lace the guild brought together, she decided to create a lace display at the Pacific Grove Library. She filled two display cases with lace and lacemaking tools to give library-goers an introduction to lacemaking. The library staff said that the public response was very positive. One impressed visitor donated two books on vintage lace to the guild, and several other visitors contacted the guild searching for lacemakers.

And now the story will continue. Guild members will have new ideas for their own work and have also inspired a greater appreciation for lace in their community.

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