Five Felting Projects to 'Fall' in Love With

I know I'm not alone in this, but fall is hands-down my favorite time of year. I love the cool, crisp air, the crunch of fallen leaves beneath a good pair of boots, and, of course, the prospect of eating pumpkin flavored everything (it's the Midwest in me!).

But something about fall awakens my crafty spirit. Perhaps it's the approaching trinity of holidays–Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas–or maybe it's the cooling temperatures that beg me to stay inside and Pinterest all weekend long (again, more pumpkin everything). Whatever the case may be, fall inspires me to get creative and try new projects that I haven't yet explored.

To satiate my creative spirit, I've discovered a few felting projects here at Interweave that I would love to explore this fall. Felting has always evoked an autumn feel to me–my mom has a myriad of felted turkeys, pumpkins, and the like that always make an appearance at our house when the leaves start to turn. So it's only natural that I'm drawn to these adorable baby owls. Yes, they're extremely cute, but you could also make them spooky with the right decor for Halloween. As an avid Harry Potter fan, I can definitely see myself leaving these guys out year-round!

  Needlefelting is a hoot when you've got these two for company.

Fall wouldn't be fall without some squirrels to throw in the mix. These felted critters appear in the new issue of Felted and even come with instructions to make an acorn and leaf garland. What a great decoration to carry you through the season!

  These blissful squirrels seem to love fall almost as much as I do.

While we're on the subject of cute animals, these felted hedgehogs would also be fun to make this year. I'm thinking of nestling them on top of my mantle amongst some twigs and colorful leaves collected from the great outdoors for an easy and effortless decoration. Now I want a real hedgehog…they're just so precious!

  Felted hedgehogs will have to do until I can get a real one as a pet.

I also just can't resist these festive gnomes. This easy-to-make kit is perfect for me since I'm pretty new to felting, and the finished product would definitely work as both fall and winter decor. Once winter rolls around, I'd definitely consider making these little guys into ornaments for the tree.

  Plus, they come in a pretty fall palette!

Finally, I know this isn't really a fall-ish decoration… but my gnomes need a home! This felted mushroom house isn't just ideal for the gnomes, but also all the other little felted critters I'm wanting to make this fall.

  What's a gnome without a home?

By season's end, I'll have a whole slew of felted decorations–and an entire forest family to hang out with–in my new apartment! It's going to be a good fall.


Happy Felting!


imageplaceholder Gina Kuzmick
Assistant Editor, Spinning Daily

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