First Fiber of the New Year

The first few days of the New Year are some of my favorites. In the early years of my spinning and knitting obsession, I would use this time to tidy and tally my UFOs (unfinished objects) that were languishing in my fiber closet. No more. I finally realized that if I forgo this New Year’s tradition, I can answer honestly when asked how many projects I have in progress: “I have no idea.”

In some parts of my life, I try to stay on task and always finish what I start. In contrast, I’ve always found that I do my best creative work with the most joy when I give myself the choice to continue working on a project or to lay it aside. Sometimes I’ve learned what I needed from one design and I’m ready to put a technique to use in a different way. Sometimes I just crave a different color or fiber. This often feels like a gift—the freedom to move forward. Do you have UFOs in your closet?

I think this January calls for a fresh start. There is nothing quite like the thrill of casting on or warping with handspun yarns. I have two projects that are first in the cue for New Year’s Day:

A Quick Weave

A Quick Weave

Every time I hand out Smoothie Batts from LunabudKnits in my handspinning workshops, I start daydreaming about weaving one into a gradient scarf. Now is the time! I’ve spun a monochromatic Smoothie Batt into a singles yarn, and I’ll spin a vintage batt from Crosspatch Creations for the warp. This colorway was designed for the 2006 SOAR (Spin-Off Autumn Retreat) in Lake Tahoe, so it has been marinating in my stash for quite some time. (Lunabudknits is now called Deep Dyed Yarns.)

Norwegian Fanatrøyer

Norwegian Fanatrøyer

For years, I have wanted to spin, knit, and weave a Norwegian Fanatrøyer. These beautiful black and white cardigans typically have woven bands on the cuffs, neck, and fronts. I started swatching this fall with several different fibers and plan to use Black Norwegian and Cheviot wool tops from Louet North America.

Welcome, 2017!

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