Fibre Week at Olds College in Olds, Alberta, Canada

Olds College in Olds, Alberta, Canada and home of the Olds Master Spinner program hosted Fibre Week at the end of June. One of the events was a llama spin-in challenging teams to take fiber from at least three of five uncarded llama fleeces to make a project in one evening. Formed on the spot, the Fearless Five team was composed of Master Spinner-level students and instructors. A pair of handcards, three handspindles, and a spinning wheel were used to begin spinning the yarn while they figured out details of the end product. When Karen Klute mentioned she had her weaving tablets with her, Angela Schneider, a member of Tablet Weavers' International Studies & Techniques (TWIST), quickly designed a simple diamond on twelve cards for a tablet-woven bracelet. Brown llama was spun for the background, black for the borders, and black suri fleece for the pattern thread. The weft was a blend of the two black fleeces. She measured the warp around the backs of two chairs. Using the carrying strap from the spinning wheel as a backstrap belt, she tied the other end of the warp to her feet for tensioning and used a name tag for the shuttle. Twisted fringe for ties finished off the bracelet. Angela wrote, "Karly Ross used the excess weft to fashion a matching knotted necklace with beads. The project went from fleece to finished product in about four hours of fun teamwork and camaraderie."

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