Fibre Arts in CanadaKim McKenna on Silk and Natural Color


Kim McKenna takes a scientific approach to nature dyeing. Photos courtesy of Kim McKenna.

Spinning for Aran knitting.

Here are a few of Kim's fall workshops:

Nature Dyeing – July, Armstrong, B.C.

Ebb & Flow, spinning for Aran knitting – August, Abbotsford, B.C. Retreat hosted by Penelope Fibre Arts.

Nature Dyeing – September, Lynden, Washington.  ANWG mini-conference.


In honor of Canada Day, I thought we would head westward from last week's post in Québec and visit the fiber artists of Vancouver.

The Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild, established by eight members in 1935, has grown to represent about 150 members who host regular workshops, monthly programs, and study groups. On September 25‒27, the guild will host Silk Spinning with Kim McKenna, a well-known fiber artist based in British Columbia.

Kim specializes in natural-dye techniques and fiber study and has taught and lectured at a wide variety of workshops, museums, and guilds. With a background in science and more than thirty years of fiber arts experience, Kim takes an intentional approach to textiles, helping others through her independent research. Her articles have appeared in several issues of Spin-Off and was included the Spin-Off ebook, All About Silk. She has a number of free PDF-download lessons available on her website. Follow her travels and experiments on her blog.



Here is a bit about Kim's upcoming workshop in Vancouver. For more information, visit the guild website.

Silk Spinning Workshop with Kim McKenna

September 25-27, 2015

Silk Seduction: Silk has fascinated mankind since 2500 BC. Silk's luxurious hand and the way light dances along its surface is both mesmerizing and seductive. Hand spinning silk, however, can prove to be a bit challenging as one strives to tame those lustrous, slick, gossamer strands. Over the course of this 3 day workshop Kim will help you to understand the adjustments needed to both your wheel and spinning method to successfully spin silk!




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