Fiber Optics and Yarn by Diane Mulholland

When I was very little, my mother taught me how to spin and knit. She taught me many other skills, but these are the two that have endured through years of dabbling in new crafts and activities. Over the years, our love for crafts has been a special bond. Mum and I talk to each other when we need to let it all out about a new hobby, an exciting project, or problems that need an expert solution.

When I lived at home, it was easy to keep in touch. It required no technology to walk into another room and show off a success story. Together Mum and I proudly displayed crafts around the home and taught visiting exchange students to spin. We made baby clothes for my new sister and went along to the local spinning group together. At the age of eighteen, however, I left the little country farm near Bairnsdale, Australia, to head for studies and a new, independent big-city life in Melbourne.

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