Fiber field trip to the Navajo Nation


Members of the Mesa Fiber Arts Guild visited Arizona earlier this month. Photos: Lynn Hamann.
Yarn was found and loved.
The group visited several historic trading posts.


Earlier this month, several members of the Mesa Fiber Arts Guild (Colorado) headed south to spend the weekend together on the Navajo Nation. Heading through Utah and down into Arizona, they stayed at the beautiful Sacred Canyon Lodge, which is the only lodge within the Canyon de Chelly National Monument. The canyon has been the site of 5,000 years of uninterrupted human habitationone of the oldest of such sites in North America.


The travelers visited several famed textile sites, including Cameron Trading Post and Hubbell Trading Post, which is a National Historic Site. Beautiful yarns and woven rugs abound at the trading posts. The Hubbell website includes a guide for the care, cleaning, and storage of Navajo rugs.


Guild member Lynn Hamann, who with her husband organized the trip, said there was another special aspect of the journey:
"We also celebrated Bernadine's (Dean's) eighty-eighth birthday. She is a founding member of the guild. So far, she has given over one hundred students lessons on how to spin. It's fitting we were at the place where Spider Woman lived on top of Spider Rock, according to legend. Spider Woman taught the Navajo to spin and weave and is held in high honor among the Diné (Dineh). In Navajo, Diné means 'the people' and is pronounced din-eh'."


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