Fiber artists host annual Christmas Fair in Brisbane, Australia.


The Queensland Spinners Weavers and Fibre Artists will hold a Christmas Fair this Sunday, November 25 in Brisbane, Australia. The annual event draws several hundred visitors and is held at the guild's facility, The Fibrecraft House. Guild members will be demonstrating and selling a wide variety of handmade crafts. In addition to spinning, knitting, and weaving, booths will include handmade books, baskets, and even a selection of second-hand supplies. The guild has been active since 1969, but changed the group name to include fiber artists in 2006 to reflect the plethora of crafts that members were exploring. Shoppers will also enjoy great food and live music while they come out to support local artisans.  

The Fibrecraft House is also home to The Emporium, the guild's fiber arts store. Follow this link to see a great shot of this beautiful shop.  The Emporium will be open to the public during the Christmas Fair and "a massive amount of fibre arts accessories will be available, ranging from raw fleece and hand painted silk fibres to spinning, weaving and dyeing supplies."



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