Felting Magic

  Twill Basket by Stephanie Flynn Sokolov

“Too much of a good thing . . . can be wonderful!”

Mae West was probably talking about more voluptuous pleasures, but she could have been talking about felt.

Wool is a wonderful thing. Hot, soapy water? Yup, good too. Agitation? Well, we’ll get back to that. But if you put wool together with too much hot, soapy water, you can get something unexpected: felt.

And felt is magical. Felting takes loose fibers and makes them into solid fabric that can be light and airy or dense and heavy, two-dimensional like woven cloth or three-dimensional like a sculpture.

  Prickle of Hedgehogs by Jennifer and Melissa VanSant.
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Sure, we all have nightmare stories of accidentally throwing a wool sweater in the wash and finding it shrunken to doll-size when the wash cycle is over. But with some creativity, a pair of scissors, and a little sewing know-how, you can make something new and even better with it–something like the Hexie Tote on the cover of the brand-new Felted magazine.
But when you start with loose fiber and soap (or wool yarn and soap), the possibilities are endless (and there’s fun for the whole family). Did you know that yurts (or gers in Mongolian) are made from felt? This issue won’t teach you to make a home, but it will teach you to make lots for your home–a stylish basket, holiday decorations, and small, irresistible decorations.

Hexie Tote by Betz White

Stylish crafters can make sophisticated totes, footwear, and scarves, while the more fun-loving will find adorable critters (such as a black bear, a pair of squirrels, and impossibly cute hedgehogs. And kids can get into the action, too, with felted slippers, a pin-loom patchwork scarf, and felt-wrapped pebbles.

Back to agitation. True, agitation in everyday life isn’t such a wonderful thing, but what if you could channel that agitation into something productive? Felting can be a cathartic stress-reliever. Knitter, felter, and visionary Cat Bordhi teaches you how to make your washing machine do the agitating.

Feeling especially stabby? Needlefelting may be for you. Using a special tool, you can sculpt wool into toys, geometric shapes, seashells–anything you can dream of. There’s also stitched felt, knitted felt, Nuno felt, and more.
Explore this brand-new special issue–and pick up a kit for the irresistible Prickle of Hedgehogs!


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